Hand-Pan made by Ortal Pelleg

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История этого инструмента только начинается. Известный музыкант-мультиинструменталист Ортал Пелег (Ortal Pelleg ) несколько лет назад занялся тюнингом хендпанов. Изначально целью этого эксперемента было получение навыков для подстройки его собственного ханга. Позже, по мере погружения в эту область Ортал приходит к мысли делать инструменты на продажу.

Его инструмент сейчас звучит так:

Пока что мастер принимает только 10 заказов на 2014 год. Для заказа необходимо зарегестрироватся тут

Обращение Ортала:


My name is Ortal Pelleg and I have been playing Pantam/handpan for 6 years.

A few years ago I found myself in a tricky situation. One of my instruments went out of tune and the makers notified me that they are not offering tuning services anymore. I didn’t know what to do.

Tuners are not easy to find and retuning involves traveling or sending the instrument by secure post. Both of these require much time and money.

Learning how to tune and not rely only on others for tuning was now a goal to achieve.

Some time passed and other makers with great skills and instruments found their way to the public eyes and acknowledgment. I asked one of the top makers if he could teach me how to tune one of my instruments. His answer was clear: “Don’t ruin your instrument! The best way to learn is to make a new one from scratch“.

Making an instrument was now a new and exciting goal!

A short time after that I found my first barrel and started hammering… From there the story is full of ups and downs, hammering ,fire, water, oil and so on…

The video above tells the present part of the story…

If you have tried to purchase a handpan you will know that they are not easy to get. I hope I can make it a bit easier.

If you want to purchase one of my instruments and/or get updates, sign up in the blue box and you will get all the details sent to you via email.


I am accepting ONLY 10 orders for 2014. After you sign up you will get details on how to be one of the 10 people that will get their instrument in 2014.

Thank you for reading this!

Peace and blessings.


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Инструмент не пантам , но звучит интересно ! Наверно металл толстый нету красивого звука но и нет призвука металла . Интересно что дальше получитсяДобавлено спустя несколько секундБассовый
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