Эксперементальная модель Halo - "Neutro"

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Недавно на канале Pantheon Steel появилась эксперементальная разновидность Halo, которая имеет рабочее название "Neutro". Эта разновидность инструмента имеет измененную геометрию, меньшие размеры и позволяет немного по другому настраивать инструмент. Изменения затронули и внешнюю оброботку инструмента - он отличается от других разновидностей своим покрытием. Также это первый Halo с центральной ноте D3 .

Оригинальное описание:

Pantheon Steel Halo in Celtic Minor (in D, high C) tuning, with altered geometry and an Inpex (inset center note), D A C D E F G C, demonstrated by Kyle Cox (Halo Maker).

This is the first Pantheon Steel handpan instrument to be made with a D3 center note.

This variation on the Halo handpan was created by altering the instrument geometry after shell fabrication to somewhat reduce its size and enclosed volume. With its altered geometry, it may be tuned in different keys than other Halos.

This instrument was made with a new fabrication process we're experimenting with informally dubbed 'neutro' because it is a new application of 'retro' techniques used on early Halos.

This Halo has an experimental aesthetic surface treatment giving it a unique appearance.

For best audio quality, watch at 480p or higher.

This instrument is in Celtic Minor, a hexatonic minor mode common to Celtic music. The sound model lends itself to rhythmic pattern play and is an inviting and forgiving minor for a beginning player.

In this expression, the high note is raised from the canonical high A to a high C, giving a more open top end. This avoids the note A4, which is not tunable on a conventional Halo, and remains challenging on the altered geometry as well.

About the Inpex (inset center note):

This is a design we we are exploring enthusiastically right now.

Though it looks (and at first, feels) strange to players used to a conventional center dome, it offers some real advantages. The overall timbre of the instrument is distinctly clarified and the entire range feels 'unified.'

While this takes some getting used to, it is a brand new experience for a handpan player -- a wonderful new option to explore.

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