Halo. Инструмент в новой геометрии.

Pantheon Steel Halo (Altered Geometry).
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Харьков, Украина.
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This instrument was made with an alternate geometry; it is slightly smaller and shorter than a standard Halo.

For best audio quality, watch at 480p or higher.

Prodigal is a rainy-day hexatonic minor mode familiar to handpan players the world over as 'Integral' and 'Protus.'

Assuming certain design preferences, such as a fifth jump from center to circle, it is one of the 'golden handful' of optimal tunings given the constraints of the instrument form. Rife with fifths, neighboring thirds, and offering two half-steps for tension, Prodigal is a serene, contemplative, slightly melancholy sound model perfect for improvisational pattern play, contemplation, and exploration.

While Prodigal tunings and variations such as our own Equinox (which extends it) have long available in a variety of keys, the sound model is rare in F.

This instrument has an Inpex (inset center note) and was made with the "neutro" technique of all modern Halos.
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Очень хорошо звучит. Но интересней получитс ли такой звук если вместить 9 нот
Мир, Світ, Свет, Świat, Pasaule, 世界, Peace
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