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Dear friends, customers, fans, and supporters of
Pantheon Steel,

This is long overdue, but I'm glad to finally be speaking of it publicly.

On June 6, 2016, Pantheon Steel co-owner
Jim Dusin, passed on unexpectedly.

Jim was my friend and business partner for many years. Those of you who had the pleasure of getting to know him at events like the HangOut and Handpangea can attest to the fact that he was truly one of a kind.

Every Halo in the world today is a testament to the dedication he had to his craft, and to his keen insight for innovative process.

If you are so moved, please do lend him and those who survive him a moment of your thoughts, wishes and prayers.

Please watch our tribute to him here.

(filmed and edited by
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Даа, крутой был этот дядя Джим sad С его талантом ремесленная мастерская превратилась в хандпан-заводик. Для мастера-настройщика это большое счастье и честь иметь дело с таким человеком. То что он делал, можно смело отнести в разряд искусства - искусство механизации!
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Светлая память.
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И себе и людям ! Светлая память!
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Светлая память!
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